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Ultimate Pocket Sprung Mattress

The revolutionary Ultimate 800 Pocket Tufted Mattress offers simply superior support - every night.

Crafted from 800 individual pocket springs, this mattress offers tailored support for you and your partner. Enjoy relaxing comfort and superior support thanks to the supportive medium to firm feel of the Ultimate 800 Pocket Tufted.

Complete with luxurious plush fillings, the 800 Pocket Tufted is great if you're looking for extra support for your back. Expertly hand tufted, this mattress keeps all of those lush fillings in place for long-lasting performance.

Enhanced comfort while you sleep - the luxury stretch knit fabric cover looks as good as it feels! Filled hypoallergenic fillings for your peace of mind, this mattress reduces the risk of dust mites for a clean and healthy sleeping environment.

Pocket sprung mattresses are the diamond standard of superior quality and sumptuous comfort. These mattresses provide the highest-quality, tailored support to suit your personal needs and the needs of your family.

The springs in pocket sprung mattresses are sewn into individual fabric pockets that move as you do during the night. This means you get customised comfort and support where you need it most. As each individual pocket spring works independently, there's no transfer of movement as you move and there's no "roll-together". Instead, you can sleep peacefully without interrupting your own - or your partner's - precious sleep.

Comfort and support are crucial to a good night's sleep and pocket sprung mattresses offer exactly that. They come in a wide range of sizes and in a selection of firmness ratings - from super-soft right up to extra firm! You can be confident that every member of your household can enjoy blissful slumber for many years with a pocket sprung mattress.

Our Ultimate mattress also contains luxurious plush fillings, these work in harmony with the pocket springs and form to the contours of your body. This provides an exact profile for deep comfort.

This is a turnable mattress allowing you to sleep on both sides.